ISC Research Working Group

Terms of Reference

The Research Data Working Group will provide good practice and resource information to researchers regarding data protection. Areas of focus will include:

  1. Providing a catalogue of available secure facilities for storing data.
  2. Communicating on issues related to research data security.
  3. Guidance on complying with data security requirements as ultimately defined by the Granting Councils.
  4. Research data lifecycle management.
  5. Incident response awareness – what to do when compromise occurs.
  6. Out-of-Canada data security requirements/compliances.
  7. Custom application development lifecycle considerations.


Name Group
Marden Paul (chair) Director, Planning, Governance, Assessment – ITS
Professor Aviv Shachak Faculty of Information
Professor Steve Tanny Department of Mathematics, FAS
Professor Lorraine Ferris AVP Research Oversight and Compliance, VPRI
Steve Marks Digital Preservation Librarian, UTL
Mike Wiseman Acting Director, Information Security, ITS
Sue McGlashan Information Security Architect, ITS
Steven Butterworth PCS Manager, Dept of Physics, FAS
Rhain Loius Manager, Research Oversight and Compliance, VPRI