ITS Staff Updates

Information Technology Services is pleased to welcome the following staff to our portfolio:

February 25, 2014

Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI):

  • Jessica Li – Application Development Team (FIS)
  • David Tseu – Telecommunications Team
  • Andre Platnv – Application Development Team (FIS)
  • Zachary Ryan – HR Information Systems Analyst
  • Parviz Moinipour – Information Technology Analyst
  • Pirashennah Mahalingam – Applications Test Analyst for the NGSIS Program
  • Mary Kesic – Telecommunications Team
  • Bruce Hoppe – Web and Service Architecture Team
  • Allison Dubarry – NGSIS Program
  • Michael Clark – User Experience Designer for the NGSIS Program

Academic and Collaborative Technologies (ACT):

  • Laura Vanderkraan – Web Services Team

Planning, Governance, Assessment and Communications (PGASP):

  • Walter Grabowski – Video and Audio Conferencing Analyst with the Client Support Services Team

ITS Portfolio Retirements

We would also like to thank the following staff for their dedicated services to the ITS portfolio and wish them a wonderful retirement.

  • Linda Wilding – EASI
  • Kheng Low – EASI
  • Lee Manning – EIS
  • Marvin Wahlstrom – EIS
  • Mike Brusin – EIS
  • Mark Acfield – EIS