How should incidents be reported?

Published on: October 17, 2013

In order to ensure that ISEA is able to investigate incidents, it is critical that any system logs (in case of hacking attacks or unauthorized access) and e-mail headers (in case of incidents involving the use of e-mail) are saved. Detailed logs should include information such as date and time of attack, IP numbers, protocols used, etc. Since the forging of e-mail addresses is quite easy to do, it is important that e-mail headers are forwarded to ISEA in order to enable them to identify the origin of an e-mail message. If you are using Outlook, you can view and copy the e-mail headers of a message as follows:

  • Open the message and click on View Choose Options from the drop-down menu. ┬áThe system will open a window which include the Internet headers
  • Highlight the headers using your mouse and then right click and Copy the headers