What is included in the O365?

Published on: October 4, 2013

The O365 proposed project for faculty and staff would include the following:

  • 50GB Inbox 
  • Folders and automatic sorting
  • Calendar and contacts
  • Open other Microsoft e-mail accounts in the same browser (concurrent Hotmail, UTmail+, Outlook use) 
  • Integrated web-based instant text, video and audio messaging 
  • Aggregate other personal e-mail accounts within one interface
  • Mobile Access to your e-mail, contacts and calendar with active sync
  • Enhanced spam filterring
  • Integrated Microsoft Office WebApps
  • SkyDrive storage
  • Multiple browser support (Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and other web browsers on computers that run UNIX, Apple Macintosh, or Windows).

More detailed information on the basic service (A2 Plan) can be found here.